Few Testimonials are as follows:

  1. Ms.Neetu Singh (9/10/2015)

    I work in Mumbai and come to Lucknow only for few days. My close friend recommended me of Orogos Dental. In very short span of time they cured me and I am returning with smiles on my face.

  2. Dr Rajeev Singh (28/9/2015)

    Orogos Dental are doing best job. All the best to them for future.

  3. Ms. Salma (3/8/2015)

    I was new to Lucknow when I shifted from Azamgarh. My neighbors told me to visit Orogos Dental for my dental problem. Today I am thankful to dentist at Orogos Dental for serving me fantastically.

  4. Ms.Kanchan Gupta (30/10/2014)

    I always dreaded with the imagination of injection, but at Orogos Dental I got my tooth extracted and all fear from my mind about dental treatment vanished. I recommend Orogos Dental to all my known ones.

  5. Mr. Ranbir Sharma (7/8/2014)

    Great experience at Orogos Dental. Always welcome with a smile and there emergency health line number helps us untimely also to resolve our query and get a quick appointment.

  6. Mr.Rajesh Kumar Verma (15/7/2014)

    I had a very good experience with my full mouth dentures. The dentures give me confidence everywhere I go and they are comfortable in chewing also. Orogos Dental is great for dentures.

  7. Dr Wahid Ali (12/5/2013)

    I had an awesome experience at Orogos Dental. Doctors are always ready to help out, caring and always listen patiently to my problems and queries I am fully satisfied by my treatment.

  8. Mr.Vineet Shukla (2/3/2013)

    I am completely satisfied by my treatment at Orogos Dental. Warm welcome at reception and proper caring and cure by doctor is the best part.

  9. Mr.Abhishek Singh (11/11/2012)

    I came to Orogos Dental for getting my tobacco stained teeth cleaned, I went out with bright smiles and also quitted my tobacco by the help and counseling of doctors here.

  10. Mohd. Kaamran (4/8/2012)

    I give 5 stars. Awesome experience at Orogos Dental.

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